Well What Skip will meet your needs?

We have put this skip hire advice section together to make picking a skip a little easier for you. We hope that it helps you pick the skip to meet your needs.

Mini Skip Hire

Mini Skips are mostly used for domestic use & home and garden clear outs. It can hold up to 2.5 cubic yards of materials. The base is 4 foot by 3.5 foot it is ideal for small driveway or somewhere space is limited.

Holds Approx 20 black bags. Suitable for small house clearance or small domestic DIY.

Base Length: 1.22 Meters (4 feet) 

Midi Skip Hire

Cityskips Midi skip, is ideal for medium sized jobs both at home or commercially . Our midi skip has a capacity of 4 cubic yards

Holds up to 30 black bags. Holds more than 50% more than a mini skip, suitable for small scale house clearance, small scale construction works. Approx 4 cu yards capacity.

Base Length: 2.13 Meters (7 feet) Base Width: 1.52 Meters (5 feet)

Standard Skip Hire

The Standard Skip is our most popular skip and is ideal for the big clear, an example of this would be a kitchen or bathroom or even cleaning out a shed or garage.

Holds up to 50 black bags.

Base Length: 3.35 Meters (11 feet) Base Width: 1.83 Meters (6 feet)